5/12/17: Love, Chage, and Heroes (AP Title: Don Quijote de La Mancha)

In Don Quixote de La Mancha by Miguel Cervantes, the notion that  Love makes us do crazy things takes on a new form . Don Quixote, or Quijote in the Spanish language, is determined to be a knight-errant and he will defeat anyone who stands in his way of showing his worthiness to his True Love and princess, Dulcinea del Toboso.  Quixote's plan took a detour as his mission continued on. He believed that everything he was doing was good as long as he did it in the name of Dulcinea del Toboso and that's what we as people (not just characters from a story) do often. We make our statements as a testament to the good that we hope and wish we could do, but we make excuses for our fantasies and wrong doings a long the way and we blame Love for our mistakes. We give love a bad name. We chase crazy fantasies and try to prove ourselves worthy of a good cause because we want to be more than a generalization, we want to be extravagant, an anomaly. We feel as if we prove ourselves then the mistakes that we made won't matter and that when we accomplish approval that our past won't be there to follow us. But like in Don Quixote, he seems himself as a noble man trying to gain the attention and heart of a woman, not noticing that he leaves a terrible reputation with the people along the way. Most of us have a Quixotic way of thinking; We make ourselves out to be these heroes in capes and armor, but we are just people that have built themselves up so tall not noticing who's backs we've stepped on to get to the top. So instead of fighting for our princess and wanting to win her approval, we should stop and notice the way we change the people around us as we go on. Because a true hero will change his surroundings and not let his surroundings change him.


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